Affordable Notary & Commissioner Services At Your Home, Online, Curbside, At the Airport Or At Our Office

We use personal protection equipment for your safety.

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Our home office by appointment is located at:
42 Granby Court, Brampton, ON L6S 5J9

The Mobile Notary

Weekday Pricing

Fair & competitive pricing for everyone.

Online Notary Pricing

Urgent Airport Mobile
Notary Services

Pearson airport only. Includes one document.

Travel Charges

Please contact us for travel charges as they depend on distance.

Why Choose The Mobile Notary?

There are many reasons why you should consider using our services.

  • We come to you, putting safety first.  We use three layer face masks, best practices for hand hygiene, as well as hand sanitizer before and after our visit.
  • Other reasons you may want to use our mobile services is that you are concerned about exposure and your health due to the pandemic.

  • Another reason could be that it is more convenient, and you see the value in our services.

  • Perhaps you cannot travel due to a disability, or lack of transportation / cost of transportation.

  • Whatever the reason may be, we can come to you.

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Contactless payments subject to 3% processing fee.

Please note that these services are strictly for notarizing and commissioning and do not constitute any legal advice.